Dr. Karl Seiler, (Dr. jur., C.B.I.*), Munich

Dr. Seiler had worked in key positions with leading domestic and foreign banks as well as consulting companies before establishing the partnership. He last held the title "Direktor" while working on customer relationships in a German private bank owned by a large British bank.
Other activities: Speaking at conferences and writing books as well as press articles.

Studies: Law and Business Administration.

* Certified Business Intermediary (award from the US-based International Business Brokers Association, the world's largest association of independent M&A intermediaries)

Werner G. Koenig (Dipl.-Kfm., M.B.A., C.P.A.), Dreieich (near Frankfurt)

Mr. Koenig had held leading positions in renowned banks, industry as well as accounting firms in Germany and the USA before joining Dr. Seiler to form the partnership. When he left banking he was "Direktor" in charge of treasury and accounting in the German subsidiary of a US bank.

Other activities: Lecturer at Boston University.

Studies: Business Administration.