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We are specialists for small and midsize companies.





Our service is customized mergers & acquisitions advise and brokerage.

We consider it to be important that such expert service is independent, i. e. free from conflicts of interest. It is delivered in the exclusive interest of the client and given with utmost discretion.

One of our target customer groups are foreign corporations planning to buy or sell a company in the German speaking countries of Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

With two partners, secretarial staff and a limited number of part-time employees, our partnership is intended to be small, flexible and cost-effective. When necessary, our capabilities are enhanced by engaging external specialists on a case-by-case basis and by informally cooperating with other M&A intermediaries and intermediary networks. The partners offer personal assistence on the highest level, grounded on professionalism and integrity. Dr. Seiler himself, the founder of Seiler & Partner, has an entrepreneuriel family background.

In this profile we describe our services in a buying situation in Germany.


Acquisition in Germany

The acquisition of a company or participation is an efficient way to build or expand a market position. It is also well suited to gain access to resources that are not readily available otherwise. In any case, it can increase shareholder value.

On the other hand, an acquisition is often, if not always, a unique undertaking which calls for the most professional implementation possible. It should also be recognized that an active and systematic approach supported by expert advice offers better opportunities and results than waiting for a "lucky buy".

Acquiring in Germany can be a particularly complex and difficult task. This is mainly due to the unique structure of the German industry, with the existence of the strong "Mittelstand" and a perception of Mergers and Acquisitions which still differs from that in other countries.


Acquisition steps

A search or buy mandate should be carried out in close cooperation between the client and us, whereby our action will be tailored to the client's specific needs. In a search mandate situation we approach the full seller market and in a buy mandate we go for companies already identified by the client as desirable targets or known to us as potential sellers.

Search mandate:

  • Definition of search profile
  • Search for targets
  • Selection and approach of targets
  • Identification of targets’ interest
  • Negotiations with targets
  • Reports on targets including value opinions
  • Coordination of due diligence and closing of the transaction(s)

Buy mandate:

  • Approach of targets
  • Identification and confirmation, respectively, of targets’ interest
  • Negotiations with targets
  • Reports on targets including value opinions
  • Coordination of due diligence and closing of the transaction(s)



Dr. Karl Seiler, (Dr. jur., C.B.I.*), Munich

Dr. Seiler had worked in key positions with leading domestic and foreign banks as well as consulting companies before establishing the partnership. He last held the title "Direktor" while working on customer relationships in a German private bank owned by a large British bank.

Other activities: Speaking at conferences and writing books as well as press articles.

Studies: Law and Business Administration.

* Certified Business Intermediary (award from the US-based International Business Brokers Association, the world's largest association of independent M&A intermediaries)

Werner G. Koenig (Dipl.-Kfm., M.B.A., C.P.A.), Dreieich (near Frankfurt)

Mr. Koenig had held leading positions in renowned banks, industry as well as accounting firms in Germany and the USA before joining Dr. Seiler to form the partnership. When he left banking he was "Direktor" in charge of treasury and accounting in the German subsidiary of a US bank.

Other activities: Lecturer at Boston University.

Studies: Business Administration.



Seiler & Partner is a small partnership with the legal name of Dr. Seiler & Partner GbR.

Being entirely independent, our service is committed to the highest standards of competence, business ethics and confidentiality.

The business was established in 1989 against the background of longtime experience of the two partners in various management functions in banking, industrial and consulting companies.




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Information can be provided on a large number of successfully completed transactions in a broad variety of industries. Buyer mandates include those from American GE Capital, French Veolia, Dutch Rabobank, British Brammer and several larger German companies.

News Release:

"Certified Business Intermediary"
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As we represent the client exclusively, we are reimbursed solely by him.

Our fee structure is success-orientated. The fees consist of a time-related retainer and a contingent success fee. While the retainer depends on the scope of the advisory work, the success fee is based on a sliding scale formula ranging from 5 to 1 % of the transaction value. The retainer is deducted from the success fee at closing of the transaction. Travel and out-of-pocket expenses are charged separately.



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